Things to do in Friedrichshain, Berlin

Are you looking to explore the neighbourhood of Friedrichshain? This district has so much to offer, from vibrant party nights to unique flea markets, countless bars and pubs (the Simon-Dach-Straße is aptly referred to as the Berlin Ballermann) to impressive architecture. There is always something going on here, and you can always spend a beautiful day in Friedrichshain. We have 12 tips for historical explorations, relaxing moments, and urban romance in Friedrichshain.

  1. Take a Walk in Volkspark Friedrichshain

The Volkspark Friedrichshain is a historically rich place, where you can find memories of revolutions, and the bunker mountains are huge traces of the war. The stories from the realm of fantasy and fairy tales are also there, reminding visitors of the Frog Prince, Little Red Riding Hood, and Cinderella at the Märchenbrunnen, one of the most enchanting places in Berlin.

There is a lot going on here on warm days. The Volkspark Friedrichshain has an extremely diverse range of sports and leisure activities, from inline skating and basketball to outdoor cinema. The large lawn at the entrance of Paul-Heyse-Straße is especially lively in the summer. People come here to play volleyball, grill or dance until late at night. But even on cold days, a walk through the Volkspark Friedrichshain is picturesque.

  1. Eat a Hotdog at Boxhagener Platz

The Boxhagener Platz reflects the demographic makeup of Friedrichshain. Young families sit around the playground, young people drink their favorite beer on the lawn in the sun, and the shady figures hang around on the benches on the edge, adding to the local color. No group bothers the other, making the “Boxi” a symbol of peaceful coexistence in the neighborhood. The best thing to do is to get a hot dog or soup from the neighboring Hot Dog Soup (Grünberger Straße 69) and let your gaze wander. On Saturdays, both young and old stroll through the weekly market, and on Sundays, you can find one of the most popular flea markets in Berlin here, offering everything from unique vintage fashion to wooden chairs from the 19th century.

  1. Watch the Sunset on Modersohnbrücke

Berlin has many beautiful bridges, but the Modersohnbrücke is one of the favorites of those who dream of the huge railway tracks from a distance. It offers a truly unique view. The bridge was built as the Hohenlohe Bridge by the Royal Railway Directorate Berlin in 1913/14. In the 1980s, the bridge posed a danger to the S- and long-distance train traffic passing underneath due to falling concrete and wall parts. It was demolished in 1999, and the new structure was inaugurated in 2002. Get your analog or Polaroid cameras out, as you will find many good motives to capture.

  1. Explore 1950s GDR Architecture

The present-day Karl-Marx-Allee stretches from Alexanderplatz via Straußberger Platz to Frankfurter Tor. The magnificent boulevard has seen so much like few other streets in Berlin: barricade fights and almost complete destruction in World War II, reconstruction as a magistral and prestige object of the GDR, popular uprising, and military parades in honor of Soviet leaders. Take a walk here, and you will discover the architecture of the 1950s.

  1. Visit the RAW-Gelände

The RAW-Gelände is an abandoned train depot, which was occupied in 1999 by artists and activists, who then founded a center for alternative living and culture. This center, which is now well-known beyond


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